Tips To Prevent Low Back Pain

by Administrator 21. July 2015 13:05

Low back pain occurs as a result of injury or progressive damage to the muscles, bones, ligaments, tissues or other structures in the lumbar spine. Most cases of low back pain are caused as a result of muscle strains due to improper bending or lifting. Although low back pain is a common problem, there are certain tips that you must follow to prevent it.

Some of the preventive measures are:

  • Exercise: Doing regular exercises can help to strengthen the core muscles and avoid injury to the lower back. Light physical activity decreases muscle tension, keeps the back flexible and increases blood flow to the spine. This maintains proper supply of essential nutrients to the spinal discs.
  • Lift Heavy Objects Correctly: Majority of low back injuries occur as a result of improper lifting habits. Thus, it is important that you take proper precautions while lifting heavy weights or picking an object from the ground. Make sure you squat instead of bend and keep your back straight to avoid putting pressure on your lower back.   
  • Maintain Healthy Weight: The ligaments and muscles in the lumbar support a large part of your total body weight. Excessive pressure or strain on this area can lead to chronic pain and discomfort. Thus, you should maintain a healthy weight to prevent low back pain.
  • Correct Your Posture: Low back pain is common in people whose job involves sitting in front of computers for long hours. You must pay attention to the type of chair you use and your posture to avoid sprains in the lower back. You should also take short breaks and stretch your back muscles after frequent intervals to remove pressure from the spine.
  • Sleeping Position: Ensuring a correct sleeping position can also help to reduce the incidence of low back pain. It is recommended to avoid sleeping on your back or stomach as this can strain the muscles in the lumbar spine. Using the right mattress, sleeping on your sides and putting a pillow under your knees can help to prevent low back pain.  
  • Avoid Sprains And Strains: Often, the lower back gets strained due to sudden twisting or overextending the muscles to reach an object. Therefore, you should refrain from such activities and limit strenuous movements to prevent exerting your back.

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