Preventing Back Pain Tips For New Moms

by Administrator 28. September 2017 09:06

Back pain is a common problem faced by new mothers as they carry or lift their child on a daily basis. Although back pain is a recurring problem during pregnancy as well, but it goes away on its own once the baby is delivered. However, it can return when you start lifting your baby most of the time maintaining an incorrect posture. This can strain your back and as the child grows in weight, the back pain also increases.

A mother’s health will directly impact the child’ well-being, so it is necessary to take adequate measures for keeping back pain at bay. There are many simple steps that can be taken by new moms so as to prevent back pain and the extreme discomfort it causes. Following these tips will also help you take care of yourself and your baby in a better manner.

  • Lift Your Baby Correctly: Whenever you have to pick up your child from the floor, don’t bend your waist. Instead, bend down on your knees and hold your stomach muscles tightly before standing back again on your legs. Also, it is imperative never to stretch out your arms to pick up your baby. Always bring the baby closer to your chest and then lift him up.
  • Exercises: It is essential to consult your doctor about when you can start exercising after delivery. Discuss what all exercises will be safe for you to perform without hurting your body. Set realistic goals and do not rush to lose your pregnancy weight. Once the doctor approves, start by doing simple stretching poses as this will increase the flexibility in your spine and hips. This will eventually prevent back pain and the uneasiness caused due to it.
  • Carry Your Baby With Care: Never carry your child on your hip as this puts pressure on the back muscles. Also, you can consider buying a “front pack” or baby carrier to be used for carrying your baby while walking. The straps on the baby carrier need to be adjusted according to your child’ weight so that you don’t face any strain on the back while carrying him.
  • Don’t Bend Over While Feeding: Whenever you are feeding your child, try not to hunch over as this can put pressure on your neck and back. Instead, make an effort to sit straight and keep a small cushion or pillow behind your lower back for support. A nursing pillow can also be used for bringing the baby closer to the breasts while feeding.
  • Take Adequate Rest: New moms often get less sleep and this puts the whole body under stress. However, relaxation is important to rejuvenate your body and gain back strength for performing everyday tasks. A restful sleep will also ensure that your spine as well as associated ligaments and joints regain their normal strength as soon as possible.

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