Back Pain Prevention: Orthopedic Frisco, TX

by Administrator 5. August 2015 10:59

Back is a complex structure comprising of muscles, nerves, bones and joints. Back pain can be caused due to injury to any these structures. Back pain can range from mild to severe and lead to symptoms such as limited range of motion, low flexibility, inability to stand straight, muscle spams and soreness.

Here are some tips to prevent back pain:

  • Strenuous physical work: If prone to back aches or suffering from medical disorders that weaken the back one must avoid strenuous physical work. However, if unavoidable ensure that you use the proper stance and equipment to avoid injuring the back.
  • Injury: Any slips or falls can injure the back and lead to severe complications. Ensure that you wear proper comfortable footwear, walk slowly, use handrails and install anti-skid mats in the bathroom, avoid stairs and avoid tripping. A back injury can take a long time to heal and one must protect the back. You should avoid high heels to reduce the chances of tripping and the pressure on the spine.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: It is essential to exercise regularly to maintain good spine health and back strength. Avoid sitting for longer hours and if doing a desk job you must use an ergonomic chair to support the back.
  • Obesity: In order to avoid back pain it is essential to maintain the appropriate body weight. Being obese puts pressure on the spine and can lead to back pain.
  • Lifting heavy objects: It is advisable to avoid lifting heavy objects and if necessary then use the right posture. You must bend the knees while lifting to avoid spraining or pulling a muscle in the back. Your feet should be as apart as your shoulders and you should lift with the elbows bent.
  • Posture: It is essential to maintain a good posture to improve spine strength and prevent back pain. You should stand straight, avoid slouching and use an ergonomic chair. Regular stretching exercises can assist in maintaining the correct posture. You must sleep on a firm mattress to maintain the correct posture while sleeping.
  • Exercise: You should maintain an active lifestyle and do regular exercises. However if playing a game or lifting weight your must wear the proper equipment and workout under the supervision of a professional. 
  • Avoid Smoking: Back pain can be prevented b y abstaining from smoking as it causes damage to the spine.

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