Spinal Arthritis: Orthopedic Treatment In Frisco

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One of the most common causes of back pain, Spinal Arthritis is a condition that affects the cartilage present in the facet joint in the back portion of the spine. Also called Osteoarthritis, it is a degenerative condition which gradually wears down the cartilage and may also lead to osteophytes or bone spurs, which may further affect the nerves present around the joint.


  • Age: Degenerative Osteoarthritis is more common in people over the age of 50 years. As age progresses, the general deterioration of cartilage and muscles affects the functionality of the joint.
  • Overuse: If one is involved in an occupation or sports activity that involves excessive use of the back, there are higher chances of developing this condition.
  • Obesity: People with excessive weight tend to stress the joints as well as the spine and are more likely to suffer from Spinal Arthritis.
  • Injury or trauma: People recovering from a spine injury or trauma may also lack vital natural lubricants of the joints hence making them more susceptible to Arthritis.
  • Genetic: Certain genetic conditions may also put people at risk for progressive degeneration of cartilage, which may put greater pressure on the bones and joints.


  • Pain and stiffness in the neck or lower back
  • If nerves have been pressed there may be numbness in the arms or legs
  • Affects normal mobility like walking, bending and lifting heavy objects
  • Crunching sound like a bone is crushing against another


An orthopedic doctor may conduct a physical examination to determine the extent of numbness and pain in the arms, neck and legs. This may also help to evaluate weakness, reflex changes and loss of sensation in the spine. X-ray may help to provide accurate diagnosis of Osteoarthritis.


  • Rest: To relieve the pain, the orthopedic doctor may advise to provide complete rest to the spine. Brace may also be worn to immobilize the back and avoid any stress.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines: Medication may provide quick relief from pain and inflammation.
  • Compressions: Hot and cold compressions may be advised to the patient depending on kind of severity.
  • Exercise: The doctor may recommend some exercises to strengthen the back muscles and increase the flexibility of the spine.
  • Surgery: The doctor may suggest a surgery in severe cases of Spinal Arthritis. Depending upon the cause of the patient’s condition, the surgeon may recommend spinal fusion or disc replacement arthroplasty procedure.

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