Neck Pain Prevention: Orthopedic Frisco

by Administrator 6. July 2015 13:04

The neck is a complex structure that joins the human head to the torso and acts as a bridge. It is one of the most mobile joints of the body and the continuous motion may cause irritation in the neck leading to pain. Neck pain is usually accompanied by stiffness and can radiate to the head, hands, arm or back. It is a common condition which can occur to anyone but is more common and persistent in older people.

Here are some tips, which can help in preventing neck pain:

  • Sleeping Posture: Sleeping in the right posture can reduce the amount of pressure exerted on the spine and neck muscles. It is advised to sleep on the back instead of the stomach to allow the neck muscles to relax. It is also suggested to use the right pillow in order to provide the proper support to the head and the neck.
  • Computer Screen: For people who work at the computer for long durations, it is suggested to reset the position of the monitor. It should be on the eye level so that the head does not have to bend or elevate while working.
  • Eyesight and Lighting: It is essential to wear proper reading glasses to avoid straining the neck muscles. Insufficient lighting can cause one to bend in a certain direction to read or work, which puts pressure on the neck and can cause pain.
  • Shoulder Strength: People who have jobs that involve lifting heavy objects, it is advised to maintain the proper shoulder strength by regular exercising. This helps avoid the risk of strains or sprains in the muscles of the shoulder and the neck.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Simple lifestyle habits can affect the amount of pressure on the muscles of the neck. It is suggested to avoid carrying heavy load on the back in order to prevent the straining of the back muscles. Lying down while watching television can also make your neck bend upwards, causing pain.
  • Weight Management: It is advised to maintain the right weight as the arms get heavier and the shoulder blades spread apart with increasing weight. This exerts excessive pressure on the shoulder and the neck muscles causing stress and leading to pain.
  • Exercise: Regular exercises including warm ups and mild stretching can help in building strength of the muscles in the neck.

In case of severe neck pain, you must visit the orthopedic doctor for complete diagnosis and treatment.

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